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Bob Schutte

 Senior (executive) manager with entrepreneurial result driven approach and intercontinental business experience for medium to large companies. Business negotiator and loyal partner with over 25 years of experience for national and multinational organizations, setting up newcoy’s as well as committed to increase  businesses through setting high level standards of performance for stable growth of turnover and profit.

 Bob’s roots lie in the computer software industry. As co-founder he built from scratch the BSO computer software company and played an instrumental role in turning BSO into to a major ICT consultants provider, which is currently known as ATOS/Origin. His responsibilities included Board Member, Vice-President Marketing & Sales and later President of the Information Systems Division.

Experienced personally the numerous “ups and downs” associated with rapid company growth.

 He was the mastermind behind the Pay-per-View Television viewing formula in the Netherlands, which he set up  as a special interest channel for sports and concerts.  In his role as President, Bob used his computer technology background in combination with Top Content programming to develop this new type of television business. He achieved strategic alliances with telecom & cable companies, Dutch Football League,  content suppliers and resolved the main commercial, programming, political, technical, financial, organizational and personal issues. He received an enormous amount of positive PR from TV, radio and the press.

 Bob is highly experienced as a Business Strategist, Senior Business Negotiator and Senior Manager, in a global environment and fulfilled numerous responsibilities in the Netherlands, Europe and beyond.

 He managed over 20 companies in various business areas, realized joint-ventures, sold companies and has excellent intuition, vision and strong business development skills. Bob is a highly driven individual who consistently delivers results by turning challenging situations into profitable  opportunities with a focus on closing deals.

 His personal skills

Natural leader, strong communicator and personality with an open, modern approach, objective and smart mindset. Good intuition and vision.  No nonsense approach. Capabilities include a well known understanding of the world wide business. Managing critical situations and bringing organizational solutions rapidly.